About Blue Duck Winery

Celebrating 15 Years of Winemaking

Shortly after retiring from his career as a history teacher, school counselor, and beloved coach, Adrian Allen and his wife Sheila made the decision to pursue winemaking in a greater capacity. The two met through the school system where Sheila served as a business teacher and diagnostician.

Fortunately, the couple purchased land nearly two decades earlier and were eager to see what their soil could do. After a blend of dry and fruitful years on the land, the Allens refined their process, established a tasting room in Albany, Texas, and cultivated a loyal local following.

Albany had a special meaning to the Blue Duck namesake. As the home of the hit 80’s western series Lonesome Dove, the Native American character Blue Duck stood out to Adrian and his colleagues. They called themselves ducks as a show of their resilience. From there, the Blue Duck logo and namesake were formed.

While there will always be a special connection to Albany, the Blue Duck family decided to move their tasting room is now into Cisco, Texas, a shorter drive from their ranch. There, they continue to make meaningful contributions to a small town where the community comes first.

Today, Adrian and Sheila can be found tending to their cattle, walking through the vineyard, and gathering with the people they love in Cottonwood, Texas.