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Annie Laura – 19.5% ABV

A bright deeply flavored blackberry and blueberry blend of fortified wine

Audra – 14% ABV

A delicate red blend with sweet fruity notes and a distinct floral undertone.

Cynthia Ann – 19.5% ABV

A vibrant blend of chocolate and orange fortified wine.

Lori Darling – 14% ABV

A refreshing white wine that delivers a crisp, slightly floral sensation. 14% ABV

Choc Holliday – 14% ABV

A dessert-inspired Rudy Cabernet medley crafted with dark chocolate notes.

Comanche Moon – 14% ABV

A delightful spin on Cabernet Franc that leaves a light hint of raspberries.

Jeremiah Red – 14% ABV

A bold blend of Malbec and Ruby Cabernet with a tarty and zesty profile. Our Blue Duck Winery Jeremiah Red is a blend of Malbec and Ruby Cab with characteristics of bell pepper and hatch chiles.

Malbec – 14% ABV

A hearty blend of deep-flavored plums and black cherries complemented by spice.

Prairie Land Peach – 14% ABV

A peachy delight with a sweet taste balanced with a subtle dryness in every sip.

Sweet White – 14% ABV

A Muscat Canelli at heart imbued with Texas honeysuckle and sweet strawberries.

Tempranillo – 14% ABV

A savory, slightly leathery mix infused with a fruity, Spain-inspired complex. Our Blue Duck Winery Tempranillo wine has Spanish style, with a Texas twist. Hints of plum, tobacco, leather and herbs.

Viognier – 14% ABV

A combination of fresh butter pears and peaches with a Chardonnay-like profile.